lunes, 11 de octubre de 2010

An innovator: Globant (from Argentina)

Aquí su página web

La visión y la promesa:

"When everything happens on the web, when image and reputation are forged through social networks, when you need technology to reach new customers, software development faces new challenges. The best engineering is no longer enough: At Globant we have a holistic view of software development. In it, the best engineers team up with our art design studios and innovation labs to deliver a superb user experience through innovation, usability, scalability and availability."

(from Argentina, para el mundo)

"Why Latin America?

Latin America has become an ideal location for the outsourcing development market. Unlike other traditional regions of the outsourcing business, Latin America is located in a similar time zone and shares a western culture with the EU and US. This results in different benefits:

Real-time communication.

Geographical proximity: This makes travel easier and requires less time away from office.

Integrated teams: The cultural alignment enables to build close teams, which results in faster delivery and a better bonding.

Low risk of miscommunications: The linguistic benefits mitigate any communication issues that may come up from day-to-day relationships."

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