jueves, 23 de agosto de 2012

Just a very good example of a nice completed Job-To-Be-Done :-)

Aquí el doc completo desde Strategy+Business, titulado: "Lessons from the E-Commerce Wars. Entrepreneur Jim McCarthy on why online innovations succeed — or fail."


"S+B: So what drives your decisions about growth?

McCARTHY: Innovation is really only innovation if it serves a need that customers have or gives them something they want. Our job is not to find buyers for our tickets, it’s to find tickets for our buyers. Our innovation process revolves around evaluating what we’re doing for our members and then figuring out what we’re not doing as well as we could be. Sometimes those kinds of innovations are really simple and other times they’re more technical. But they always start with the customer.

For example, early in our business, we started sending out an e-mail to buyers after the event they purchased tickets for had happened, to see how it went. We were the first company I know of to do this. We wanted to make sure that people were having a good experience, and if there were problems, we wanted to get that feedback. It was a very simple innovation, but it was new and it helped us add value for the customer.

We have more complicated innovations, like our “Sit with Friends” feature. One of the issues people encounter when they want to go to an event with friends is that one person needs to buy all the tickets so the group can sit together. Otherwise there are no guarantees. We built “Sit with Friends” to solve that problem. If you buy a ticket from us, we provide a link at the end of the process that you can then send to friends. When those people buy tickets through that link, your seats are automatically grouped together. That was an innovation that came out of talking to our customers about their frustrations. For us, innovation is a constant process of saying, What are we doing to help improve the member experience?"

Second extract:

"We know that people like to go to live entertainment more than they actually go to live entertainment. The “science” behind what we do is figuring out why, and then trying to break down those barriers. One of the mistakes that many of our potential competitors make is thinking that price is the single barrier, when in reality it’s one of several (and not the most important). We use algorithmic solutions to take into account what events our members have looked at, what they’ve attended, and what they have said about these events. We analyze how they respond to e-mail, what kinds of offers work for them, what kind of information they are searching for. Their behavior begins to tell us more about them, and hopefully we’re adjusting with each new insight. People don’t always know what they like until they see it. There are some things they know they want, but there are other things they’re open to the discovery of. That’s what we try to find out."

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