lunes, 13 de junio de 2011

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication Innovation

El artículo es de Pipeline aquí


"M2M as a technology has been utilized for many years.
It has even been used by various industries long before
the term “Machine-to-Machine” was created.
Today the concept as well as its maturity differs from
one country to another, and various industries are using
it for various reasons. For example smart metering,
which also uses M2M technology, is in different stages
of development in different countries.
eHealth is something that many vendors and providers
already have in their labs or even in their catalogs,
however it is still blocked by some regulations or
institutions and is not broadly used commercially.

But in some cases consumers are using M2M technology
in their everyday life and don’t even think about it (e.g.
when buying a ticket on a train or purchasing products
from a vending machine). Such machines are very often
equipped with dedicated M2M SIM cards and devices
which are part of a complex information exchange chain.
One very promising market – not yet affected by
regulators – is consumer electronics. According to a
research report from Berg Insight, The Global Wireless
M2M Market - 3rd Edition, AT&T will become the first
mobile operator to reach 10 million M2M subscribers
at the beginning of this year. Everything thanks to
customers in consumer electronics."

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