jueves, 13 de octubre de 2011

"Discovery" innovation

Aquí su sitio Web

¿De qué se trata?

"Who we are

We are a leading financial services institution founded on the principles of consumer engagement and wellness. Our approach to financial products is highly differentiated and involves integrating our entire product range with our science-based wellness programme, Vitality. The integration with Vitality has enabled us to improve our competitive position by offering unique products with better benefits and at a lower price than our competitors."


"What is VitalityDrive™?

VitalityDrive™: the better you drive, the higher your status, the greater your rewards.

VitalityDrive™ is Discovery Insure’s incentive-based driver programme that gives you access to valuable rewards. The programme uses DQ-Track™, the latest automotive telematics technology, to develop a scientific measure of your driver behaviour, your Driver Quotient (or “DQ”).

Your DQ encapsulates the key measures of driver intelligence. VitalityDrive™ measures your DQ based on the number of points you earn. The more DQ Points you earn, the higher your DQ."

"What are the benefits of VitalityDrive™?

Engage in VitalityDrive™ to receive up to 40% fuel rewards and other valuable benefits for driving well

Advanced telematics measure your Driver Quotient
Fuel rewards on your monthly fuel spend
Boosted Vitality and DiscoveryCard rewards
State-of-the-art vehicle and passenger safety features"

La promesa en dos renglones:

"Welcome to Vitality

Through Vitality, Discovery's wellness programme, you can access a wide range of tools and partners to help you get healthier. And the more you do to know your health and improve it, the more Vitality rewards you."

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