jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012

Innovadores e imitadores

Aquí el texto de la columna de "Schumpeter" desde The Economist, titulado: Pretty profitable parrots. For businesses, being good at copying is at least as important as being innovative


"EVERY year Les Wexner, the owner of Victoria’s Secret, a lingerie retailer, takes a month off to travel the world looking for other companies’ ideas to adopt. Limited Brands, his clothing group, seeks lawful inspiration from firms ranging from airlines to consumer-goods manufacturers. Mr Wexner’s philosophy is that business should celebrate imitation.

That is almost a heresy. Politicians and countless awards ceremonies extol innovation’s role in economic growth. Businesses are told to innovate or die. Imitators are cast as the bad guys: “The corporation that is first…has an opportunity to manufacture with the highest frequency and in the most desirable markets,” proclaims the boss of Burkett & Randle in “Duplicity”, a 2009 corporate thriller starring Julia Roberts. The firm duly triumphs over the evil rival which tries to copy its supposed cure for baldness."


1. El tipo-innovador difícilmente viene puro en sus ideaciones.

2. El tipo-imitador en su oficiar rinde homenaje (a su manera) al esfuerzo innovador.

3. El tipo-innovador continúa adelante cada vez que el tipo-imitador lo "alcanza".

Algo asi como una dinámica (en permanente síntesis), que nos lleva cada vez más allá :-)

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