miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

Investigación de Mercados y Big Data

Aquí la entrada completa desde Innovations Tools

Extracto introductorio:

"The combination of Big Data and ethnographics can be a potent toolset for uncovering innovation opportunities, as a growing number researchers are discovering.

For many years, marketing has been in love with Big Data as a means of discerning what customers want and delivering products and services to them. In this role, it has been a lagging indicator, telling us what consumers are doing and have done, but it has been of limited utility by itself as a driver of innovation.

At the same time, ethnography has been growing in importance as a tool to "go deep" and understand what challenges customers are having by observing them in their natural environment. Often, this illuminates jobs to be done and pain points that cannot be discovered in any other way. This type of input tends to be more reliable than focus groups, where customers are brought into a sanitized environment and asked a series of questions. Taking them out of the context in which they use a product tends to skew their answers, and once again is backward looking. Consumers can easily tell us what they are using and doing today, but are notoriously bad at articulating what their unmet or future needs may be. For example, a focus group could have never envisioned the Apple iPhone."


Parece como si finalmente todo el esfuerzo (de algunos pioneros) de construir una ciencia desde el marketing, una que resuelva óptimamente, velozmente, y continuamente las "necesidades básicas" del ser humano, estuviera coronando. Son buenas noticias sin duda, porque resuelto lo anotado, quizá podamos finalmente empezar a ver más allá del agite diario del sueño y los apetitos, con unos ojos y una visión que hasta ahora no hemos tenido; que no han tenido tampoco los que desde siempre han dormido y apetecido en calma :-)

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