jueves, 23 de septiembre de 2010

La innovación desde la relación Telcos - Content providers

Aquí la entrada original de Telco 2.0

Extracto de apertura:

"For telcos, rather than just creating bespoke ‘enterprise ICT solutions’ for the media industry – which tends to be the current approach – long term, strategic value will come from creating interoperable platforms that provide content owners with ‘plug and play’ telco capabilities and enabling services.

For content owners, telcos should be seen as much more than just alternative sales channels to cable.

There is a finite window of opportunity for content owners and telcos to establish places in the new content ecosystems that are developing fast before major Internet players – Apple, Google – and new players use their skills and market positions to dominate online markets. Speedy collaborative action between telcos and studios is required."

El problema / oportunidad a la vista:

"...we have we have identified four new business approaches that are being adopted by media services providers. These both undermine traditional value chains and stimulate the creation of new business models. We characterise them as:

1."Content anywhere" - extending DSAT/MSO subscription services onto multiple devices eg SkyPlayer, TV Anywhere, Netflix/LoveFilm

2."Content storefront" - integrating shops onto specific devices and the web. eg Apple iTunes, Amazon, Tesco

3."Recreating TV channels through online portals" - controlling consumption with new online portals eg BBC iPlayer, Hulu, YouTube

4."Content storage" - providing digital lockers for storing & playback of personal content collections eg Tivo, UltraViolet (formerly DECE)/KeyChest

All of these bring new challenges to the existing models of traditional media companies, which are both being challenged and pursuing new opportunities, as illustrated in the table below. The colour coding of the challengers reflects the severity of the challenge in the short to medium term (1-3 years).

Table 1: Assessing Challenges and Opportunities for Content Owners - Source: Telco 2.0 Initiative

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