miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

Innovación ¿regresiva? (o sea que no hace "progreso" sino lo contrario)

Aquí el texto de la entrada del blog de Nicholas Carr, que podríamos titular: "Mnemosyne has become a machine.". Él la titula: Killing Mnemosyne

Extracto de introducción:

"It was, in retrospect, inevitable that once we began referring to the data stores of computers as "memory," we would begin to confuse machine memory with the biological memory inside our minds. At the moment, though, there seems to be a renewed interest in the remarkable, and not at all machinelike, workings of biological memory, due at least in part to the popularity of Joshua Foer's new book Moonwalking with Einstein. When I was writing The Shallows, the research that was most fascinating and enlightening to me came when I looked into what we know (and don't know) about human memory and its role in our thinking and the development of our sense of self. (An excellent book on the science of memory is Eric Kandel's In Search of Memory.) Here's an excerpt from the start of "Search, Memory," the chapter of The Shallows devoted to this subject."

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