viernes, 8 de junio de 2012

J.A. Schumpeter (again :-)

Tomado del prefacio a la tercera edición en inglés (abril de 1949) de Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy


" has been pointed out that the principle of political democracy -the principle that governments should emerge from competitive struggles for votes- does, to some extent, guarantee freedom of speech and freedom of the Press, but that, for the rest, democracy has nothing to do with “freedoms.” In particular, as regards the “freedoms” with which the economist is concerned, the freedom of investment, the freedom of consumers’ choice, and the freedom of occupational choice, we have now interesting experimental material before us that goes to show that these “freedoms” may be restricted quite as much as, and in some respects more that, socialist governments are likely to require under normal conditions.”

J.A. Schumpeter

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