jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

J.A. Schumpeter (desde su biografía - 1)

Prophet of innovation. Thomas K. McCraw.


“One might think that the sound practices of saving, living frugally, and maintaining the company on a solid foundation would suffice. But Schumpeter argues that any company following these routines –however admirable they seem at first glance- will soon be overtaken by aggressive, risk-taking, competitive entrepreneurs. He is very emphatic on this point: “The introduction of new production methods, the opening up of new markets –indeed, the successful carrying through of new business combinations in general- all these imply risk, trial and error, the overcoming of resistance, factors lacking in the treadmill of routine.” He concludes by saying, “As to the question why this is so, it is answered by the theory of entrepreneurial profit.” Newcomers to the industry will bring fresh ideas, earn much higher profits, and drive incumbents out of business –through the simple device of fixing on economic growth as their sole objective.”

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