viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

J.A. Schumpeter (desde su biografía - 2)

Prophet of innovation. Thomas K. McCraw.


"This is very hard to do, Schumpeter concedes. Most successful people, especially once they become wealthy, do no want to continue obsessing over economic growth. They come to abhor the relentless demands of continuous innovation. They want to enjoy themselves and live a better-rounded life. For these reasons, great enterprises typically outgrow the abilities of founding families to sustain a position at the top of their industries. “Mere husbanding of already existing resources, no matter how painstaking, is always characteristic of a declining position.”
Under truly modern forms of capitalism, the task of maintaining a prime position becomes even more difficult. “Industrial leaders must shoulder an often unreasonable burden of current work, which takes up the greater part of each day.” Entrepreneurs need “extraordinary physical and nervous energy.” The best of them can sustain their efforts on a high level only if they have “that special kind of ‘vision’… concentration on business to the exclusion of other interests, cool and hard-headed shrewdness- traits by no means irreconcilable with passion.” And entrepreneurs working in very large corporations must have even more talents. They must know how to “woo support” among their colleagues, “handle men with consummate skill,” and give others ample credit for the organization’s achievements.”

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