viernes, 1 de junio de 2007

Innovation a la IDEO

Business Week en su última edición IN (Inside Innovation) trae, entre otros, un artículo de dos ejecutivos de IDEO (Diego Rodriguez y Ryan Jacoby) de lo más interesante. Un abrebocas:

"As an innovator, you’ve likely encountered some of the most challenging and risky problems in the world of business. Let’s grow this lagging brand. Let’s envision the future of our market. Let’s connect to a whole new set of users and customers. When it comes to generating business growth by bringing new things into the world, the stakes are high, and risk is everywhere... New offerings may succeed in the market, but more often, they fail. Competitors may outwit you. Careers may hang in the balance. Taking bold risks does not feel safe. But to seek out ‘zero risk’ is to commit to doing nothing. How does one move ahead and create growth in such an environment?... In the world of ‘design thinking’, acknowledging risk is the first step toward taking action, and with action comes insight, evidence, and real options. To increase their odds of innovating routinely and successfully, today’s organizations need to learn to live with risk the way designers do... Insight #3: Designers embrace risk, but their process of thinking mitigates it. Design thinking uniquely combines conscious risk taking with structured risk mitigation. This is a fascinating paradox: designers embrace risk, but the way they think mitigates it. Each of the three behavioral building blocks of design thinking—empathy, prototyping, and storytelling—serves to simultaneously embrace and mitigate risk..."

El artículo es fascinante como lo es y lo ha sido todo con IDEO. Esta gente son sin duda el lado derecho del cerebro en la vanguardia del management en innovación. Clayton Christensen, junto con Peter F. Drucker, probablemente sean más del 90% del otro lado, el izquierdo

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