jueves, 17 de julio de 2008

Una bien dicha declaración de innovatividad desde un epítome de la técnica

(El universo (aun si en expansión) es el mismo de siempre, pero LA TÉCNICA que hemos creado los hombres es algo gigantesco (aun si solo lo es ahora en este nuestro pequeño planeta tierra perdido - según parece - en las inmensidades de la galaxia, una más además ésta entre millares de éstas))

Powered by Innovation, Guided by Integrity

We at ... are privileged to serve those who serve,
delivering products and services that support some of the most
significant programs to advance freedom and promote progress for
people worldwide.

Partners to Help Customers Meet Their Defining Moments

We are partners with our customers sharing a unified vision: To
deliver the technologies customers need to address their most
pressing priorities and achieve success at their defining moments.

Distinguished by Whole-Systems Thinking and Action

... is one company, one team with a singular focus
– to turn data into knowledge, and knowledge into action.

Taking on Challenges With a Passion for Invention

At ... we have a passion for invention and
innovation – the ability to provide a new perspective, to look at
any problem, any solution from all sides. It’s about how we offer
our customers new ways to improve products and services or
create new ones. The goal: To redefine what is possible.

Delivering Disciplined Performance

In today’s competitive global marketplace, there is no substitute
for meeting commitments and expectations – whether that’s
operational or financial performance. Disciplined Performance
means striving to be the partner of choice, supplier of choice, and
employer of choice."

Los "..." eran - léase: Lockheed Martin. Aquí su sitio web

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