viernes, 19 de agosto de 2011

Alcatel - Lucent Innovation: lightRadio

Aquí, detalles


1. "Explosion in Mobile Data
Today, a growing number of users are accessing rich content and interactive applications over their mobile devices. This dramatic growth will continue – simultaneously increasing operating expenses and energy consumption.

The time to think about the future of the mobile network is now. lightRadio does just that - enabling a purpose-built, wireless broadband network that addresses cost, capacity and connectivity barriers."

2. "Technology that can double capacity and decrease TCO"

3. "The benefits of lightRadio are dramatic:

Improves the environment: lightRadio reduces energy consumption of mobile networks by up to 50% over current radio access network equipment. (As a point of reference, Bell Labs research estimates that basestations globally emit roughly 18,000,000 metric tons of CO2 per year). Also, lightRadio provides an alternative to today's jungle of large overcrowded cell site towers by enabling small antennas anywhere.

Addresses digital divide: By reducing the cell site to just the antenna and leveraging future advances in microwave backhaul and compression techniques, this technology will eventually enable the easy creation of broadband coverage virtually anywhere there is power (electricity, sun, wind) by using microwave to connect back to the network.

Offers major savings for operators: Thanks to lightRadio's impact on site, energy, operations and maintenance costs; when combined with small cells and LTE, this new solution can lead to a reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO) of mobile networks up to 50% (as a point of reference, Bell Labs estimates that TCO spent by mobile operators in mobile access in 2010 was 150 billion Euros).

Enhances quality for end users: by doubling macro capacity and reducing the cost per bit lightRadio opens up the possibility to offer new services and price points."

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