miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2011

A propósito de la despedida de Steve Jobs: innovador, empresario, triunfador; compitiendo duro

Aquí la entrada desde el Ludwig von Mises Institute, titulada: Steve Jobs and the Beautification of Capitalism

Extracto introductorio:

"The day that Steve Jobs resigned from Apple, hosannas for his life's work and accomplishments erupted from every corner of the earth (or the blogosphere, in any case). He was universally hailed as a genius. He was praised for changing and upgrading our lives in so many ways. He was treated as an innovator who dedicated himself to the well-being of society, and accomplished miracles none of us mere mortals could have imagined. He did more than dream; he acted and created one of the great companies on the planet, a company that has enabled us to live out our own dreams."

Extracto siguiente:

"It's all true. This kind of language is not just welcome; it is magnificent. The same could be said of millions of great entrepreneurs both inside and outside the hardware and software sectors. Every time I slip on a pair of shoes, I think of the marvels of entrepreneurship and the division of labor that make my foot comfort possible. I have the same sense for those who make my refrigerator, provide lettuce for my salad, create alarm systems for my home and car, own and run chain stores that sell everything from pet food to paper clips, sell me insurance, build our homes and offices, and make it possible for me to buy a plane ticket with a few clicks on a computer — or finger swipes on a smartphone."

¡Muy bien dicho! (y continúa mejor :-)

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