miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2007

Workday: The ERP New Market Disruption

Nicholas Carr reporta y comenta sobre la nueva compañía del fundador y otrora dueño de PeopleSoft (hace un tiempo fue absorbida por Oracle): Workday

La estrategia es sencilla y hace match 100% con la teoría de Clayton Christensen de innovaciones sostenidas y disruptivas (a continuación extractos de la entrada del blog de Nicholas Carr):

1. "...suite of software-as-a-service business applications to include not only human resource management - its original offering - but also a set of financial management services, including accounts payable and receivable, general ledger, and reporting and analysis..." EL PRODUCTO

2. "...It's an alternative to ERP, rather than a Web-delivered version of ERP...Rather than being tightly tied to a complex relational database, with thousands of different data tables, running on a separate disk, the Workday system uses a much simpler in-memory database, running in RAM, and relies on metadata, or tags, to organize and integrate the data. Having an in-memory database means that the system can run much faster (crucial for Web-delivered software), and using metadata rather than static tables, says Nittler, gives users greater flexibility in tailoring the system to their particular needs. It solves ERP's complexity problem - or at least it promises to..." LOS ELEMENTOS INNOVADORES QUÉ HACEN POSIBLE NUEVOS JOBS TO BE DONE Y POR TANTO ATENDER NUEVOS MERCADOS

3. "...So what are the odds that Duffield's Workday will come out on top once the dust has settled in Enterprise Gulch? The odds are long. But Workday has three things going for it. First, it has the widely admired Duffield, who gives the upstart immediate credibility with customers, investors, and programmers. Second, it has a technological head start. There are reasons to believe that the secret new system, codenamed A1S, being developed by SAP, the biggest ERP provider, will resemble what Workday is doing, with an in-memory database and much metadata, but SAP is moving slowly, weighed down with the baggage of the past. Third, Workday is adopting a strategy of patience and steady gains. It's targeting mid-sized companies that have not yet implemented full ERP systems - a rich market that's also being targeted by SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft, among other mainstream software houses..." EL DESENVOLVIMIENTO DE LA BATALLA COMPETITIVA ENTRE INCUMBENTES E INNOVADORES

¡No sé si Nicholas Carr conoce de la teoría de la innovación de Clayton Christensen pero es increible cómo su descripción periodística hace patente todos los elementos de ésta! La Teoría, efectiva y cabalmente, está interpretando la realidad

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