lunes, 10 de marzo de 2008

Marketing research on the air...

El comentario lo trae Alex Slawsby del Innoblog y es una prueba más de cómo la innovación sólo tiene límites por los límites mismos que nosotros le imponemos

Hace unos días comenté del TaxiView y esta vez se trata de la misma oportunidad, puesta en otro esceneario, con otro fin, igualmente servida

Extracto del Innoblog:

"From a ‘jobs to be done’ perspective, this Kraft/JetBlue market research strategy should offer up some value to the researchers, but could be greatly improved. Today, many travelers thinking ahead to a multi-hour journey with limited or no connectivity to the outside world and limited or no ability to move, pack solutions to address jobs such as ‘reduce my boredom’ or ‘make the trip go by more quickly’. From game devices and music players to books and magazines to laptops, these solutions are often out in full force before the door is closed. Be it airplane, train, or bus travel, few individuals choose to sit in silence, staring out the window or contemplating their existence for the duration of the journey..."

Got it?

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