viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2009

Green-ing innovation (from Google)

Aquí la entrada en el blog oficial de Google

Extracto de apertura:

"Today, at the International Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen, we demonstrated a new technology prototype that enables online, global-scale observation and measurement of changes in the earth's forests. We hope this technology will help stop the destruction of the world's rapidly-disappearing forests. Emissions from tropical deforestation are comparable to the emissions of all of the European Union, and are greater than those of all cars, trucks, planes, ships and trains worldwide..."

Uno de los Jobs-To-Be-Done en juego:

" According to the Stern Review, protecting the world's standing forests is a highly cost-effective way to cut carbon emissions and mitigate climate change. The United Nations has proposed a framework known as REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries) that would provide financial incentives to rainforest nations to protect their forests, in an effort to make forests worth "more alive than dead." Implementing a global REDD system will require that each nation have the ability to accurately monitor and report the state of their forests over time, in a manner that is independently verifiable. However, many of these tropical nations of the world lack the technological resources to do this, so we're working with scientists, governments and non-profits to change this..."

The product: Satellite imagery + science + iniciativa/interés privado:

"Combining science with massive data and technology resources in this way offers the following advantages:

Unprecedented speed: On a top-of-the-line desktop computer, it can take days or weeks to analyze deforestation over the Amazon. Using our cloud-based computing power, we can reduce that time to seconds. Being able to detect illegal logging activities faster can help support local law enforcement and prevent further deforestation from happening.

Ease of use and lower costs: An online platform that offers easy access to data, scientific algorithms and computation horsepower from any web browser can dramatically lower the cost and complexity for tropical nations to monitor their forests.

Security, privacy and transparency: Governments and researchers don't want to share sensitive data and results before they are ready. Our cloud-based platform allows users to control access to their data and results. At the same time, because the data, analysis and results reside online, they can also be easily shared, made available for collaboration, presented to the public and independently verified — when appropriate.

Climate change impact: We think that a suitably scaled-up and enhanced version of this platform could be a promising as a tool for forest monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) in support of efforts such as REDD.

As a product, this technology will be provided to the world as a not-for-profit service. This technology prototype is currently available to a small set of partners for testing purposes — it's not yet available to the general public but we expect to make it more broadly available over the next year..."


Para el suscrito lo anterior es una prueba irrefutable de que hay mucho más interés privado -corporaciones e individuos emprendedores- (que de los gobiernos; que es, ha sido, y será, mínimo) en CONSERVAR "la casa": el interés privado se basa en el LARGO PLAZO que es algo que los gobiernos de toda época y lugar jamás podrán APROPIAR: su esencia es "conservar" el poder mientras se pueda... El LARGO PLAZO, que a individuos emprendedores y corporaciones les es PROPIO, nace del pensar en el destino de nuestros hijos y en el de sus hijos como en el de nuestras propias existencias: algo que sólo puede pensarse a partir de los propios hijos

PS: La expresión "not-for-profit service" en la declaración arriba de Google resume el estado de cosas: 1) lo más valioso (para todos) ha de ser presentado-implementado como de no-lucro (pues de otra manera tendría que pagar impuestos y/o paralizarse como programa gubernamental), 2) lo más valioso (para todos) no es cierto que sea "not-for-profit service" para su promotor (Google), de hecho le prestará enormes rendimientos en la medida que CONSERVE "la casa"; pero de hecho significa también que le prestará cero rendimientos (literalmente) a los gobiernos y a su permanencia en el mundo, 3) lo más valioso (para todos), en la medida del esguince al "estado de cosas" a resultas de 1) y por 2), es de la máxima utilidad para todos: lo más "profitable" de hecho :-)

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