martes, 22 de diciembre de 2009

"It is worth remembering that the word “company” is derived from the Latin words “cum” and “pane”—meaning “breaking bread together”."

La entrada es de The Economist y el título de esta nuestra entrada extractado de allí: Una necesaria, por lo que hace justicia, defensa del mundo de los negocios y de la gente (inversionistas, empleados, managers) que día a día se esfuerzan allí para hacer de la vida de todos una tarea menos ardua, al tiempo que se cuida del planeta, pues allí si se sabe que no tenemos otro para habitar, allí si se sabe lo que significa largo plazo...

Extracto 1:

"[B]usiness is a remarkable exercise in co-operation. For all the talk of competition “red in tooth and claw”, companies in fact depend on persuading large numbers of people—workers and bosses, shareholders and suppliers—to work together to a common end. This involves getting lots of strangers to trust each other. It also increasingly involves stretching that trust across borders and cultures. Apple’s iPod is not just a miracle of design. It is also a miracle of co-operation, teaming Californian designers with Chinese manufacturers and salespeople in all corners of the earth. It is worth remembering that the word “company” is derived from the Latin words “cum” and “pane”—meaning “breaking bread together”..."

Extracto 2:

"[B]usiness is an exercise in creativity. Business people do not just invent clever products that solve nagging problems, from phones that can link fishermen in India with nearby markets to devices that can provide insulin to diabetics without painful injections. They also create organisations that manufacture these products and then distribute them about the world. Nandan Nilekani, one of the founders of Infosys, put the case for business as well as anyone when he said that the computer-services giant’s greatest achievement was not its $2 billion in annual revenue but the fact that it had taught his fellow Indians to “redefine the possible”..."

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