lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

El fundador de ESPN

Aquí la entrada original desde Knowledge@Wharton

Extracto introductorio:

"When Bill Rasmussen launched ESPN on September 7, 1979, he gave the world its first 24-hour television network and changed the way people viewed both television and sports. A life-long entrepreneur and sports fan, Rasmussen's innovations include the creation of the daily sports news television show "Sports Center," wall-to-wall coverage of NCAA regular-season and March Madness college basketball, and coverage of the College World Series baseball tournament. Two years ago, he authored a book titled, Sports Junkies Rejoice! The Birth of ESPN. Rasmussen recently talked with Knowledge@Wharton about the challenges of founding a 24/7 sports network in the face of nearly universal skepticism, what entrepreneurs need to succeed and why he doesn't ever plan to retire."

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