viernes, 20 de abril de 2012

An innovator: Linda Rottenberg

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Catalizando el emprendimiento y la innovación en otros

Extracto desde Strategy + Business

And although they often operated as nonprofits,
social entrepreneurs saw themselves as distinct from
traditional nonprofits. “Social entrepreneurs are problem
solvers, not idealists. We’re driven by innovation,
not by charity. And we don’t believe in handouts. We
use entrepreneurial strategies to achieve social change,”
Rottenberg has said.


“Gates really showed that whether entrepreneur
or social entrepreneur, it’s the same type of person, the
same mind-set, the same drive to solve problems,” says
Rottenberg. “After all, the best entrepreneurs aren’t
worried about money or exit strategies. They’re solving
problems. And I think that some of the world’s greatest
problems to be solved aren’t the next microprocessing
chip, but rather what we do about economic development,
healthcare, education, and the environment.”"

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