martes, 31 de marzo de 2009

Live broadcasting disrupted

La nota la trae " has become a top five online video site, according to Quantcast. Based on global network traffic, attracts 41.4 million monthly unique visitors, more than Hulu (28.1 million) and Veoh (22.5 million)..."

Y luego tenemos este comentario reciente en USA Today :

""Live broadcasting was something only done by the rich news organizations," says Michael Seibel, CEO of San Francisco-based start-up "So when you bring it to the masses, the public gets really excited.""

Extracto 1, la mega-audiencia de a 100 en 100 :

"For the Web-based live video sites, anybody who ever wanted to host a TV show can do it with an Internet-connected computer and a webcam.

Much of the live streaming is targeted at niche audiences. But multiply a lot of mini-niches several times, and these companies could potentially end up with huge aggregate audiences, says Max Haot, CEO of Mogulus. "Everyone loves content that's relevant to them," he says.

"High school meetings, political events, stuff that only a few thousand people would be interested in watching. Now they have access to it, with live streaming.""

Extracto 2, lo impensado:

"They can also make for controversy. Nasty headlines flew recently when a teenager committed suicide live on The 19-year-old Floridian had said he would do it, and many bloggers, including NewTeeVee, suggest that he was egged on by viewers on message boards.

Scoble says that's what happens when the camera is always running. "You're going to see lots of happy times, like the birth of babies, and nasty things, like murder and houses burning down from fires. You can't control that. It's the dark side of live video.""

¿Jobs-To-Be-Done? (sociales principalmente)

1. Todo el mundo quiere constar una historia, esta vez su historia, esta vez su cotidiana historia

2. Todo el mundo quiere (merece) sus 15 minutos de fama, esta vez no hay que esperar a que Larry King (o Jose Gabriel o Pirry) se fije en nosotros

3. Todo el mundo quiere "mirar un poco más de la cuenta" en la cotidianidad del otro, esta vez el otro nos autoriza a hacerlo, sin saber quienes somos, ni nosotros quién es él; otros, él y nosotros, cualesquiera, nos miramos, sin mirarnos

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