viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

La urgente y particular innovación necesaria en la enseñanza del noble oficio del management (4 de 8)

The Management Myth de Matthew Stewart (p.202)

A conceptual framework is a way of breaking up the landscape of experience into meaningful pieces. It is intended to help individuals engaged in a particular practice to describe and analyze the context of their actions. It is often expected to provide normative guidance on what to do.

Some chiefs will undoubtedly find the "five forces of cooking" framework supplied here useful in these ways. Student chefs in particular will be keen to master whatever secrets they imagine to be lurking in the framework. Academics, as is their work, will inevitably dispute aspects of the framework and propose amendments or alternatives - such as, perhaps, a talent-based view of cooking. Most chefs, however, will immediately sense that the whole endeavor is an atrocious waste of time. A framework, they will point out, has never fried an egg."

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