miércoles, 26 de enero de 2011

La urgente y particular innovación necesaria en la enseñanza del noble oficio del management (6 de 8)

The Management Myth de Matthew Stewart (p.251)

"The gurus hold on to the pretense of management expertise because that is the idea that fuses their work into a meaningful whole. However much they disdain the academics, the gurus subscribe to the myth that Taylor concocted and that has sustained the business of management ever since - the idea that management is a specialized body of knowledge or expertise that evolves over time and is the preserve of a certain class of professionals. Indeed, the gurus are today's chief propagandists for this new, modern religion. Drucker, with his usual self-confidence, has allowed himself to be identified as "the man who invented management," or, at least, who "established management as a discipline and as a field of study." In fact, neither he nor his successors established a discipline; they merely asserted the idea of a discipline. (And, for what it's worth, it was Taylor, not Drucker, who had the idea first.) If one is to appreciate the gurus properly, to understand why they have risen to prominence and what their work actually portends, one must approach them not as the experts that they claim to be, but as the spiritual leaders that the really are."

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