lunes, 23 de febrero de 2009

Innosight y Latin Strategy

El pasado 11 de febrero los socios de LS participamos en una teleconferencia organizada por Innosight; el anfitrión fue Scott Anthony, su CEO. Aquí, desde el blog de Mr. Anthony, comentarios y respuestas a preguntas de los participantes en el evento. La siguiente pregunta fue formulada por Latin Strategy:

Q (Latin Strategy): Do you see any kind of disruption going on in the innovation consulting business?

A (Scott Anthony): A loaded question to someone who works in the innovation consulting business! I do believe that there continue to be lots of opportunities for disruption in consulting. A few possible strategies would include:

1. Leveraging well-grounded theories and market-tested frameworks to solve specific problems quickly and cheaply. This is the essence of Innosight's approach. Our reliance on well-grounded frameworks and models allows us to accelerate the problem-solving process, and facilitates building our clients' capabilities to "do it themselves."

2. Using emerging technologies to provide peer-to-peer solutions. Clients often ask consultant is to amalgamate together experience from a range of different industries. Technology is making it ever simpler for companies to interact with peers in other industries without an intermediary. The right kind of expert-to-expert marketplace could provide a powerful growth platform.

3. Exploring new business models. High end consulting companies largely sell units of time. Other models, such as selling enabling tools or risk-sharing approaches could drive disruptive growth in the space.

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