martes, 7 de julio de 2009

Innovation Networks

La entrada es de Knowledge@Wharton

En Colombia, las siguientes compañías (todas) tienen importantes experiencias y herramientas que se complementan para el proceso y el éxito de la innovación:

Launch Institute (Felipe Jaramillo)

Katharsis (Diego Parra)

Idear (Jorge Ramírez)

Latin Strategy (Alexis Santacruz y Ramón Pizarro)

Extracto inicial:

"Whether it's a faster way to move data, a cheaper way to power a car, or a cleaner way to sweep up dust bunnies, the right innovation can deliver huge profits to an organization. But given today's fast-paced global marketplace and limited resources for research and development, companies often struggle simply to survive, let alone innovate.

Yet the same forces that have flattened our world may also yield new directions for the future of innovation. During a recent conference at the Mack Center for Technological Innovation, academics and business leaders argued that, rather than going back to the drawing board, companies should go outside their walls and tap into "innovation networks."

An "innovation network" is a web of people, institutions or companies outside of a firm that help it solve problems or come up with new ideas. While organizations have formed alliances and strategic partnerships for hundreds of years, experts say this web of connections is becoming increasingly important today..."

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