viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

Innovation in leadership education and learning

La entrada es de HBS Working Knowledge: Introductory Reading For Being a Leader and The Effective Exercise of Leadership: An Ontological Model

Extracto introductorio:

"Effective leadership does not come from mere knowledge about what successful leaders do; or from trying to emulate the characteristics or styles of noteworthy leaders; or from trying to remember and follow the steps, tips, or techniques from books or coaching on leadership. And it certainly does not come from merely being in a leadership position or in a position of authority or having decision rights. This paper, the sixth of six pre-course reading assignments for an experimental leadership course developed by HBS professor emeritus Michael C. Jensen and coauthors, accompanies a course specifically designed to provide actionable access to being a leader and the effective exercise of leadership as one's natural self-expression...

The intention of this course is to leave the participants actually being leaders and exercising leadership effectively as their natural self-expression, and for the course to contribute to creating a new science of leadership for ourselves and others to use, experiment with, research, improve on, and innovate from.

This leadership course is different from others you may know of or have experienced. This course is based on the proposition that: 1) given being and action by the right context for leader and leadership, everyone has the capacity to be a leader, and 2) there are certain personal obstacles that must be dealt with in order to actualize that capacity. In the course students master a context that gives them the being of a leader and the effective exercise of leadership as their natural self-expression..."

Esto promete ser la innovación de las innovaciones, merece un ¡re-guau!, y seguimiento a sus resultados: keep in touch! :-)

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